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JM Climate-Pro Attic Insulation

JM Climate-Pro Attic Insulation

Climate-Pro Attic Insulation – Durable BLOW-IN Insulation

We use Johns Manville Climate-Pro blow-in loose-fill fiberglass insulation. This is a premium alternative to cellulose. Unlinke cellulose, it’s won’t settle, decay or provide food for animals or microbes. It’s effective for the life of a home and will not lose insulation R-Value.


  • Attic spaces
  • Sound control in floor and ceiling assemblies

Characteristics / Performance Advantages:

  • Insulates attic or spaces of all shapes and sizes
  • Thermally efficient. Does not settle – NO loss of R-Value after installation
  • Non-combustive and fire resistant
  • Cannot rot, mildew or deteriorate
  • Non-corrosive
  • Formaldehyde-free
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